Monday, May 15, 2017 

12:00 Noon

The following Lions were in attendance: Dan Sturdevant; Jack Berry; Bill Gowen; Scott Cromwell; Brian Zins; and Byron Beley.

Lion President Dan Sturdevant called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Minutes of the April 17th, 2017 Board Meeting was reviewed as emailed out. Lion Gowen made the motion to approve the minutes as emailed out. The motion was seconded by Lion Zins. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Lion Gowen reported all bills are current.
  2. Lion Gowen reported the balances in the various accounts.


Secretary’s Report: Lion Beley reported that the plaques and pins have been ordered for the upcoming officer installation event.


President’s Report:

  1. Car Show: Lion President Sturdevant is the chairperson of this event.
    1. Chair will get a sign-up sheet for the upcoming meetings.
  2. ServSafe Food course: Lion Beley
    1. Reported that Perkin’s restaurant is having a ServSafe Food class and has offered to allow our Lions Club members attend for certification. The class will be held week of May 22nd on a day yet to be determined. We will try to have 3-4 members attend.
  3. Scholarship Committee: Lions Stanaway & Stephens
    1. Applications are coming in.
    2. Three (3) recipients will be announced in the near future.
  4. Candy & Nut Sales: Lions Hintz & Berry
    1. Sale is progressing.
    2. A list of remaining product will be sent out to members.
  5. Melvin Jones Fellowship Committee: Lions Zins & Gowen
    1. Announced the committee has selected a recipient for this year.
    2. The plaque has been ordered.
  6. Club Meeting Place Update: Lion Sturdevant
    1. Reported that the meeting schedule of the first Tuesday of the month (6:00 PM) at Jorgenson’s, and second and fourth Tuesday of the month (at 12:00 noon) at Chili’s is working good so far.
  7. Officer Installation / Melvin Jones Fellowship presentation / Installation of New Members
    1. Event will be held Tuesday, June 20th.
    2. Lion Sturdevant is coordinating the event along with Lion Vicki Curtiss.
  8. Club Review of Financial Records: Lions Berry, Cromwell, & Vincent
    1. Committee will be reviewing the records at the time of transition between officer changes.
  9. UPCOMING EVENTS: (Information only-does not need to be discussed at meeting)
    1. Candy & Nuts Sales: Ongoing in April/May
    2. Sunshine Camp season opening: June 10th
    3. Sunshine Camp Picnic & Events: June 20th
    4. Helena Car Show & Drag Races: June 24th-25th
    5. Last Chance Stampede: July 26th-29th
    6. Lions’ Night at The Ballpark: August 15th


Lions Website: Lion Aric Curtiss


Lions Club Publicity Program: No Report


1st V.P. Report: Lion Gary White


2nd V.P. Report: Open


3rd V.P. Report: Open


Program Chairman: Lion Teresa Ortega

May programs:


Communications: None reviewed

Membership/Membership Retention Report: No report


Old Business:

  1. Sunshine Camp:
  2. Strategic Meeting: Lion President Sturdevant to set date.
  3. Montana Television Network: Lion Berry checking into option of MTN modernizing our website.
  4. Food Trailer Generator: Lion Zins will go to RV dealers and get a price on generators with the plan of getting a new one purchased and installed in time for the upcoming car show at the end of June.


New Business:

  1. New Member Application: Lion President Sturdevant reviewed a new member application from Melinda Thompson. A motion was made by Lion Berry and seconded by Lion Cromwell to approve the application. Motion carried.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Lion Secretary Byron Beley

(edited for web posting by Lion Aric Curtiss)